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December 21, 2007

America's Demand for Oil
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When it comes to oil consumption, is America over a barrel? Just how much oil are we using, and how important is it for us to develop alternative energies? Then - Spam junk mail telemarketers. They all intrude on our lives. What can the average person do to turn the tide? Plus- a doctor reveals a really sweet way to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol.
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Over A Barrel
Tom Mast, energy expert, and author of Over A Barrel: A Simple Guide to the Oil Shortage explains that the high cost of gasoline is merely a symptom of an increasingly serious worldwide oil shortage, in which demand will continue to outstrip supply. He discussed the vital role oil plays in American life, and why it is imperative that alternative energies are developed quickly.
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Stopping the Spam & Junk Mail
Lois Greisman from the Federal Trade Commission talks about simple steps that consumers can take to opt out of junk mail, telemarketing and email. She also discusses the most common ways to protect yourself from identity theft and how to decide what documents should be shredded.
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Lower Your Blood Pressure With Chocolate
Dr. Thomas Pickering of Columbia University analyzed the results of a recent study that found that eating dark chocolate resulted in lower blood pressure and improved cholesterol levels. He explained the reasons behind dark chocolates healthful benefits, but also warned about its high calorie and fat content.
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