Saturday • May 27
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Securing Americas Homeland Security
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Is America still at risk for terrorist attacks? Well hear from expert who believes we shouldnt be complacent- we should prepare for what might happen. Then - the iPod and other portable music players are hot products used by millions of people. But are these devices causing long-term damage? We have the surprising facts.
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National Security Expert Steven Flynn
On September 11, 2001, America learned very dramatically that terrorist attacks can happen in this country. But after so much progress in securing our nation, how vulnerable are we? National Security Expert Steven Flynn feels we are still not as secure as we should be, and has suggestions for improvement
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iPods and Your Ears
We see them everywhere these days iPods and other portable MP3 players plugged into peoples ears. But are they causing damage to those ears? Robert Novak, Director of Clinical Education in Audiology at Purdue University says there is room for concern, particularly for those who never unplug.
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The Beauty of Getting Older
As Americas population ages, people are rethinking stereotypes about getting older. Particularly those concerning women of a certain age. Janet Champ is co-author of Ripe: The Truth about Growing Older and the Beauty of Getting on with Your Life, and she believes there shouldnt be such a stigma surrounding menopause, and women older than forty dont need to feel invisible.
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