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January 23, 2010

Taking Charge of Your Childs Education
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If youre a parent, how are your kids doing in school? If they could be doing better, maybe its time you got involved. Find out how. Then we live in a multicultural world. And according to an expert, to make organizations work better in our globalized society, it takes multicultural leadership. And is the secret to true happiness spending less money? The man known as The Ultimate Cheapskate says absolutely.
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Taking Back our Schools
Whos making the decisions when it comes to your childs education? If youre leaving it up to the schools, youre missing out. Randy Gaschler, Certified Teacher, parent and author of Parent-Driven Schools, believes that parents have been convinced they dont matter in their childs education, and explains why parents need to become directly involved in their childs education.
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Multicultural Leadership
Juana Bordas, President of Mestiza Leadership International, and author of Salsa, Soul and Spirit discusses the quickly changing challenges faced by todays business leaders in regards to a multi-cultural workforce. She believes that leaders should encourage ideas and practices that employees can offer from different cultures; by honoring diversity, employers can inspire a motivated and unified staff.
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The Road to True Riches
Can you really enjoy life more by spending less? Jeff Yeager, author of The Ultimate Cheapskates Road Map to True Riches, thinks so. He believes that the big-ticket financial decisions are the ones that really determine if a person can be financially free, and theres a positive social impact of consuming less.
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