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Energy Alternatives
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Without plentiful energy, our countrys economy would grind to a halt. With oil prices constantly on the rise, what are the alternatives? An expert says theres free energy as close as the nearest breeze. Then - most Americans live in a world of technology. But would life be better if we hit the off switch once in a while? Meet a man who took it a step further - he left behind technology for an entire year, and found out life was better that way.
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The Energy Solution is a Breeze
With the rising cost of oil and natural gas, many Americans wonder where we will get our energy fix. But there is an untapped resource as close as the nearest breeze. Jim Johnson from the U.S. Department of Energy's National Wind Technology Center discusses wind energy and its potential to supply a significant portion of U.S. energy needs.
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Flipping the Switch on Technology
Author Eric Brende and his wife left the fast-paced life of high technology at MIT to conduct an experiment: spending a year living in the country with an Amish group. And he learned an important lesson: the goal should be a balanced life, and suggested that if Americans decreased their dependency on technology, many social problems could be alleviated.
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Choosing the Right School
One of the most difficult decisions youll ever make as a parent is deciding where you should send your kids to school. But there are a number of factors you may not think to consider. Eileen Gale Kugler is an advocate who works with educational leaders and parents to develop strategies that build strong multicultural school communities. She believes parents often look at the schools standardized test scores, but fail to investigate the strengths of schools that have a vibrant mix of races and cultures.
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