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March 20, 2010

Scrambling Your Nest Egg
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You may be saving for retirement and doing all the right things, but hidden fees may be scrambling your nest egg. Find out what you need to do to protect your investments. Then - want to add twenty years to your life? Weve got the medical facts to keep you away from an early grave. And its an obscure piece of equipment under your car, but to a thief, its a quick way to make a buck. Sometimes in less than a minute.
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Protecting Your Nest Egg
American workers may be collectively losing billions of dollars from their retirement savings every year without even knowing it. David Loeper, author of Stop the 401(k)Rip-Off! talks about excessive 401(k) fees and expenses, many of which are hidden and difficult to discover. He says even a one percentage point difference in 401(k) fees can reduce retirement benefits by nearly 20%. He also discusses possible federal legislation that would require disclosure of the hidden charges.
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Longevity Made Simple
Dr. Richard J. Flanigan, co-author of Longevity Made Simple discusses the most effective steps that he believes can add 20 good years to the average persons life. He said the three biggest causes of death in the U.S. are primarily caused by lifestyle choices, and simple changes can add years to a persons life.
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A Hidden Treasure Underneath Your Car
Michael Calkins, Manager of AAAs Approved Auto Repair operation outlines the facts behind a growing crime wave across the nation: the theft of catalytic converters from cars. He said the pollution control devices have become highly valuable to recyclers because of the small amounts of precious metals they contain. He explained which vehicles are the biggest targets and how motorists can avoid being victimized.
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