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March 14, 2008

How Congress Works and Why You Should Care
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Does the US Congress seem like a puzzle to you? If youre critical of Congress, why not get involved? Well talk to a Congressman who says your roll is important. Then money problems affect millions. And its up to parents to teach money skills to their children that will last them a lifetime. Plus misconceptions about stop smoking aides are keeping some from kicking the habit for good. An expert clears the air to help you butt out once and for all.
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How Congress Works
Former U.S. Congressman Lee Hamilton, author of How Congress Works and Why You Should Care, explains why every citizen should try to understand how the U.S. Congress works. He believes more Americans should develop an ongoing relationship with their Senator or Congressman, in order to express their views on legislative issues. He also talks about the biggest misperceptions of Congress and its workings.
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Raising Money Smart Kids
Janet Bodnar author of Raising Money Smart Kids offers advice for parents on how to help their children develop a healthy attitude toward money, see through the advertising hype and stand up to peer pressure. She offered techniques to encourage saving and investment, and explained the most common mistakes made by parents.
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Misconceptions about Stop Smoking Aides
Virginia Reichert, director of the Center for Tobacco Control at North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System talks about a recent study she conducted that discovered many smokers incorrectly believe that nicotine causes cancer. This misperception makes them less like to use nicotine patches or gum to help them stop smoking. She explained how comprehensive programs can greatly increase the success rate of smokers who want to quit.
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