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April 04, 2008

Wiping out the National Debt
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A Million Dollars is a lot of money to most people. So its simply astonishing to think that our Federal Deficit is growing by a million dollars per minute. We have the story. Then - we all think of disease as something negative. But one doctor says some of todays health risk factors are what helped our ancestors survive and thrive. Plus a travel expert tells you how to stretch your dollar farther when planning for your summer vacation.
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Waht to Do About Our Federal Deficit
The national debt is now growing by $1 million per minute. Robert L. Bixby is the Executive Director of the Concord Coalition, a bipartisan group that advocates the elimination of federal deficit. He discusses the federal deficit and explained the negative effect it has on the nations economy. He also talks about the best ways that citizens can influence the decisions made by legislators regarding the federal budget.
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Survival of the Sickest
Dr. Sharon Moalem is an expert in neurogenetics and evolutionary medicines, and co-author of Survival of the Sickest. Dr. Moalam outlines his theory that many of todays diseases were actually a type of survival mechanism for previous generations. He believes that medical science needs to seek different approaches to a host of challenges, from cancer to Alzheimers to malaria.
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Travel Cheaper and Smarter
Anne Banas is a travel expert, and Executive Editor of Ms. Banas explains how you and your family can save money as you plan your summer vacations. She makes suggestions on the best ways to compare airline prices, and explains how travelers can make the best of traveling in coach.
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