Friday • June 09
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Making the Right Choices for Personal Finances
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There are a lot of choices when it comes to personal finance, and it can be overwhelming. Well talk to the Queen of Finance - Suze Orman - who cuts through the clutter and can help you get on track. Then staying healthy is smart, but is the way you have your home set up making you sick? We have the shocking story. Plus are the latest safety devices on our vehicles really making our roads safer? One watchdog group says no.
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Your Personal Finances
The number of financial choices available today is rapidly increasing and can overwhelm the average consumer into avoiding financial decisions entirely. Nationally-recognized financial expert Suze Orman talks about the most common financial errors that Americans make and how to avoid them. She also outlines the wisest ways to save for retirement and a childs college education.
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Healthy Habits for Your Home
Where people keep their toothbrush, leftover food, workout gear and more can make a surprising difference in their health. Marianne McGinnis, West Coast Editor of Prevention Magazine talks about simple and quick ways to organize and optimize a persons personal environment, and to make other smart choices to improve ones health.
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How Safe is Your Cars Safety Equipment?
The insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently issued a report analyzing the latest safety features available on todays cars. And according to Russ Rader, spokesman for the Insurance Institute, many of the pricey technological advances have only limited value in saving lives and preventing accidents. He explains that often, drivers ignore warnings, turn the devices off or drive more recklessly.
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