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May 23, 2008

Losing Control to Technology
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Are todays parents preparing their kids for tomorrow? Some say too much media and aggressive marketing is seriously impacting todays kids, and well talk with experts about the problem. Then - we count on insurance to protect us when things go wrong. But one attorney has advice to the contrary, and you need to hear it. Plus one of the most common causes of friction in any relationship is money. But conflicted couples can find a way to peacefully manage their finances, and well tell you how.
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Protecting Your Child from Too Much Marketing
Daniel Acuff, PhD, and Robert Reiher, PhD, are co-authors of Kidnapped: How Irresponsible Marketers Are Stealing the Minds of Your Children. They discuss the challenges faced by parents in todays advertising-saturated environment. They explain the techniques used by marketers to target children, when children are the most vulnerable, and strategies for parents to guide their childs development.
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Insurance Against Insurers
Ray Bourhis, attorney and author of Insult to Injury talks about the problems faced by consumers who have had claims denied by their insurer. He believes government reforms are necessary to hold insurance companies accountable, and discusses what consumers need to know when shopping for insurance.
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Stop Fighting Over Money
Kenneth Ray, author of Stop Fighting Over Money offers practical advice for couples on how to work together to manage their finances. He explains why money is such a common flashpoint in relationships and how couples can structure their finances to avoid conflicts.
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