Saturday • May 27
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The Road to a Healthy Heart
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Its our Nations #1 killer: Heart Disease. But an expert says the road to a healthy heart runs through the kitchen; its all about what you eat. Then it seems like these days you need a bank loan just to shop for groceries. Food prices have been rising dramatically. But how is that affecting those who were having problems putting food on the table before? And a former big leaguer goes to bat against cheating in sports, in hopes of inspiring tomorrows athletes.
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A Healthy Diet = A Healthy Heart
Joseph Piscatella is author of The Road to a Healthy Heart Runs Through the Kitchen. Mr. Piscatella became a respected expert on heart disease after undergoing emergency heart bypass surgery at age 32. He talks about the overwhelming evidence that lifestyle and dietary choices are the determining factor as to whether a person develops heart disease, and explains what is wrong with the average Americans diet.
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Undernourished America
Ellen Vollinger is Legal Director of the Food Research and Action Center, a nonprofit organization working to eradicate hunger and undernutrition in the US. Ms. Vollinger discusses undernutrition and food insecurity, which she said affects an estimated 35 million Americans each day. She explains what is being done to combat hunger in the US, and outlines resources available for those in need.
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Teaching Our Kids About Cheating
Two-time National League Baseball MVP Dale Murphy is founder of the I Wont Cheat Foundation, which encourages youngsters to pledge to not cheat in all aspects of life. Mr. Murphy talks about how cheating scandals in professional sports are influencing todays children. He explains how parents can use scandals in sports as teaching moments.
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