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July 18, 2008

The Biodiesel Solution
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Energy fuels Americas growth. But energy costs keep rising and events can impact our supply. So how can America achieve energy security? The answer could lie in biodiesel fuel. Then - weve all heard about the dangers of drug abuse. But wait till you hear a shocking first-hand account from a professional substance abuse counselor from urban America. Plus new reasearch into cheerleading shows there's not too much to cheer about when it comes to serious injury.
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Biodiesel America
Josh Tickell is an alternative energy expert and author of Biodiesel America. He outlines what biodiesel fuel is and how it can help free America from its dependence on Middle East oil. He also explains the reason that he believes the worldwide price of oil will continue to skyrocket over the next five to ten years.
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Urban Suicide
Substance abuse counselor Melvin B. BlackMan is the author of Urban Suicide Mr. BlackMan talks about the danger of drug abuse and the disastrous effect it is having on the black community. He shares his personal experience in kicking drug addiction, and why he believes it is so important for parents to be conscious of the example they set for their children.
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The Rising Danger of Cheerleading
Brenda Shields, M.S., the research coordinator for the Center for Injury Research and Policy, Columbus Children's Hospital in Ohio discusses a recent study into the increasing dangers for young people involved in cheerleading. Her research found that emergency room visits are becoming much more common as cheerleading routines have added complex gymnastic moves.
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