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August 28, 2010

How to Go to College Almost for Free
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The Cost of higher education seems to be going higher and higher. What can parents and students do? Well talk with to a top scholarship expert for facts you need to know. Then the high cost of fuel has people thinking about telecommuting. If it sounds good to you, youll want to hear more about working from home. And if you think those sweetened fruit drinks are a healthier choice, think again!
Episode Segments:
Saving Money on Your College Education
Several years ago, Ben Kaplan used his summer break to win two dozen college scholarships worth $90,000 - enough to cover virtually the entire cost of his Harvard degree. He went on to found the website, and author of How to Go to College Almost For Free. He outlines the many types of scholarships that are available, and the smartest strategies to obtain them.
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The high cost of gasoline is causing many employees and employers to think about the possibility of telecommuting. Kate Lister is a telecommuting advocate, and founder of the website Ms. Lister explained what is necessary to make telecommuting happen. She discusses the concerns of supervisors who worry about monitoring off-site employees, and explainswhy she believes telecommuting will continue to increase in popularity.
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A Not-So-Sweet Treat
Many think that sweetened fruit drinks are a healthy alternative to soft drinks. But Dr. Julie Palmer Professor of Epidemiology at the Boston University School of Public Health Discusses a study that has determined that sweetened fruit drinks are just as likely to cause weight gain and increase the risk of type 2 diabetes as soft drinks. She explains the underlying reasons and offered general suggestions for those who are at risk of developing diabetes.
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