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August 22, 2007

America's Brain Drain
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Some of Americas best brains in science and technology are foreign-born. But, up to a thousand of these top thinkers are heading back to their home countries each day. What can we do to slow down this brain drain? Then our soldiers make huge sacrifices for our country. But what about their families? Well talk to an Army Wife who shares the struggle of military spouses. Plus before you open that next bottle of water, you may want to think about the consequences first.
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America is Losing its Minds
David Heenan is an expert on globalization, and author of Flight Capital . He tells us about a new trend in America: brilliant immigrants who earn their educations in science and technology in the U.S., then return to their homelands. He talks about the reasons why the best and brightest are leaving and what this means for the future.
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The Challenges of the Military Family
Tanya Biank , author of Under the Sabers , is an Army wife and daughter and her hsband has served two tours in Iraq. She discusses the complex personal challenges faced by military families in wartime, and why it is so difficult to return to normalcy after the soldier comes home.
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Think Before You Drink
The U.S. is the worlds largest consumer of bottled water. Janet Larson, Director of Research of the Earth Policy Institute talks about the huge environmental impact of bottled water, both in its manufacture and disposal. She also explained how consumers can wisely decide whether to use bottled water.
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