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August 29, 2008

Teens & Gambling
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Modern technology can bring the whole world to our fingertips. But unfortunately for parents, it also brings vices like gambling are becoming teenage addictions. Then its called the silent killer. Strokes can hit suddenly and without warning, leaving a person disabled. We have the surprising things you need to know about this killer.
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Teenagers & Gambling
Keith Whyte, Executive Director of National Council on Problem Gambling discusses gambling and teenagers. He talks about the growing media coverage of poker and other reasons why teenage gambling is rapidly increasing, and offers tips on how to recognize gambling addiction and what parents should do if they believe their teen has a problem.
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The Truth About Strokes
Its a scary thought: one moment youre fine and the next youre disabled. It could happen if you have a stroke. Dr. Louis Caplan, professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School and chief of the Stroke Service at the Beth Deaconess Medical Center explains the basics of strokes, and how a stroke differs from other vascular diseases. He talks about the major risk factors, the best ways to prevent strokes and what someone should do if they believe they are having a stroke.
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Buckle Up
A new report has found that many 8 to 12 year olds are needlessly at risk when riding in motor vehicles. Half of these youngsters do not always wear seat belts and many sit in front seats. The survey also found that parents have more influence on their childrens behavior than they may realize. Christine Jennings, Director of Programs, Automotive Coalition for Traffic Safety conducted this survey & explains the results.
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