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September 24, 2010

Saving at the Grocery Store
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Food prices keep going up, hammering the family budget. But what can you do about it? We talk to a top coupon expert who can help you save! Then ready to go green and save energy in your home? weve got the facts you need to know to save significantly on your energy costs and at the same time, help save the environment. Plus the tragic statistics on teen suicide.
Episode Segments:
Coupon Mom
The rising cost of groceries and fuel are slamming the average American familys budget, and the use of coupons is on the rise. Stephanie Nelson, shopping expert, and founder of offers suggestions on how to make the most of coupons, and other money saving tips for smart consumers.
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InfoTrak: Going Green in the Home
Sandra Williams, expert in energy efficiency, and author of The Queen of Green believes there are many easy changes the average homeowner can make to improve energy efficiency and reduce their environmental impact. She discusses several little-known ways to save energy and money by switching to devices that are more efficient or use alternative energy sources.
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InfoTrak: Youth in Danger
An expert says a disturbing one-year spike in suicides among young people in the US is not a fluke, and should be taken seriously. Dr, Joel Greenhouse, PhD, Professor of Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh outlines the results of his study and discusses some of the possible reasons behind the rise.
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