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November 13, 2021

Where to Put Your Savings & Predicting Teen Suicides
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Episode Segments:
Where to Put Your Savings in Low-Interest Times
Millions of Americans have stashed some or all of their money in savings accounts. But are they earning any interest on the money? Why are rates so low right now, and when might they change? Gary Zimmerman, founder and CEO of the web site MaxMyInterest.com, offers advice.
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Predicting Teen Suicides
Researchers from Brigham Young University, Johns Hopkins and Harvard have created an algorithm that can predict suicidal thoughts and behavior among adolescents with 91% accuracy. Carl Hanson, PhD, Professor of Public Health, Brigham Young University, was one of the co-authors of the study, and he discusses the two primary red flags.
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Coding Bootcamps: An Alternative to College?
A recent survey found that more than half of teens today are gravitating toward a skill-based education, and almost half are leaning toward programs that can be completed within two years. Sung Rhee, CEO and founder of Optimal, recently published an analysis titled "Coding Bootcamp vs College: Which Will Help You Land the Most Prestigious Jobs in the Tech Industry?" He explains what a coding boot camp teaches and who is a likely candidate to attend.
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