Monday • May 27
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Captain Andy
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Hunt Life Outdoor Show Episode 88
This weekend, we're really excited to have Captain Andy Hillstrand from Deadliest Catch fame on our show! Besides being a star on one of cable television's most popular programs, Capt. Andy is an Alaska native that is all about the outdoors. When he's not fishing, he's hunting, and he'll share his perspective on everything outdoors with the guys on the Hunt Life Outdoors Show.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Andy Hillstrand
Andy is a born and bred Alaskan fisherman. He and his brothers were brought up to take on the challenges of the harsh, unforgiving northern seas and to reap the bounty they offer. Aboard the Time Bandit, Andy is co-captain with his brother Jonathan. During opilio crab season, you'll find Capt. Andy in the wheelhouse hunting for the elusive opies and fighting rogue waves and hull-crushing ice. Known as the "Axeman," Andy is the consummate professional fisherman and takes every aspect of crew and boat safety seriously. During king crab season, he trains deckhands and serves as a hardworking deck boss who makes sure there are no lapses or accidents. It should come as no surprise that Andy wears many hats on the Time Bandit: electrician, medic and master crab fisherman to name a few. Andy is a devoted family man. He and his wife, Sabrina, have been married 26 years and have two grown daughters, Chelsey and Cassandra. Andy is also a grandfather: Chelsey and her husband Corbin are proud parents of two little boys, Dylan and Kade. When he's not fishing, Andy returns home to his other passion, his ranch and horses. Specializing in natural horsemanship, Andy and Sabrina not only train horses, but also teach riding to adults and children. Once upon a time in Alaska, Andy was a barrel horse-racing champion for three years running! Andy's recreational interests are as diverse as his skills onboard the Time Bandit. When he has time, Andy likes to hunt, play the drums, and pilot remote-controlled airplanes and helicopters. Since grade school, he's played and listened to everything from hard rock to country to golden oldies, and he'll never pass on the opportunity to vacation in exotic tropical locations where he can dive and snorkel. This season Andy is on the walking wounded list. A wave that sent him to the deck last year and smashed his knee also seriously injured his neck. As king season starts, he can hardly turn his head, and sometimes cannot feel his right arm. However, his attitude is still good, and he said the break from physical work will give him more time to supervise the deckhands, and plot ways to prank them!

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