Tuesday • May 21
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Baiting Discussion with Dave Edwards
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We've had Westervelt Wildlife biologist and Hunt Life pro staffer Dave Edwards on the show so many times, he may as well be a fourth host! Why do we keep inviting him back? Because he just plain knows his stuff, and he's ALWAYS got great stories, too. This episode was no different, as Dave shared with us his educated opinion on the perpetually hot topic of food plots...and if you should hunt them. Dave's got a very interesting view on the issue, and it's something you can't miss.
Episode Segments:
Hunt Life Episode 76
Dave shares his educated opinion on the perpetually hot topic of food plots, and if you should hunt them. Dave and Jeff also went back and forth about the relationship between coyotes and the current dropoff in turkey vocalizations. Dave brought in some data from studies that had been conducted regarding coyotes and their eating habits, and again...you're going to be surprised at what you hear. If you're looking to become a more educated hunter, you don't EVER want to miss episodes of the Hunt Life Outdoors Show with Dave Edwards as our guest.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Dave Edwards Jr.
Dave is a Certified Wildlife Biologist with more than 15 years of professional experience managing wildlife and wildlife habitat on both public and private lands. Dave also has a wide range of habitat management experience throughout the south and is a certified burn manager and herbicide applicator. Dave has been involved in numerous research and management projects of wildlife species native to the Southeast including white-tailed deer, wild turkey, bobwhite quail, wood duck, black bear, Florida Panther and alligators. His experience as a life-long hunter further contributes to Dave's ability to develop innovative habitat management and recreational property plans that satisfy the needs of hunters, landowners and wildlife. Dave specializes in recreational property management, specifically, white-tailed deer, quail and turkey, trophy deer management in high fenced properties and developing innovative wildlife food plot, habitat management and hunting strategies for landowners.

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