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Host: Birdsong
BIRDSONG is a show hosted by a Law Professor, former diplomat and former federal prosecutor who loves to talk to you and others in an effort to both entertain and inform.
Crime And Reason
Host: John Kelly,Leo Battenhausen
CRIME AND REASON: the backstory in high-profile crimes that television leaves out. Created and hosted by JOHN KELLY and LEO BATTENHAUSEN, who between them have over fifty years of experience with criminal and deviant behavior and the motivation behind these behaviors.
Lawyers, Who Needs Them?
Host: Randal Simonetti,James M. Hartman Esq.
An entertaining and educational look at the law and those who practice it. No one is safe from the law or Jim and Randal. Their irreverent approach to topics keeps listeners laughing and interested!
Mind Your Business Radio
Host: Dr. Floran Syler,Attorney Althea DeBarr-Johnson
MIND YOUR BUSINESS RADIO with Dr. Floran Syler CPA and Attorney Althea DeBarr-Johnson, is your business education station. Their mission is to educate people of color and women about the financial and legal aspects of business, personal finance, and changing your money mindset to create financial freedom.
Put It All On The Table Through Mediation
Host: Theresa E. Keves
PUT IT ALL ON THE TABLE THROUGH MEDIATION with Theresa E. Keves is heard each week here on TalkZone.
The League Of Dads
Host: Christopher Smith
THE LEAGUE OF DADS with host Christopher Smith helps fathers everywhere know and understand their constitutional rights, including their important rights as a father.
Weinberg On The Law
Host: Scott Weinberg
Scott Weinberg brings his expertise in criminal law to TalkZone with his weekly show, Weinberg On the Law. The program features interviews with top leaders, legal experts and persons of note while discussing timely matters related to the law and your rights as a citizen.