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Your health and well-being are all important, and that's why we created the TalkZone Healthy Living Channel . Learn the latest medical and health news, and how to stay fit and strong. We'll talk about what to eat, how to keep yourself in shape, and the best supplements and herbal remedies to take. Alternative medicine and other practices are also explored here. So join the quest for a long, healthy life...on TalkZone Healthy Living .


Med Clinic Radio
Host: Gina Tedesco

MED CLINIC RADIO is the fast paced weekly one hour talk show featuring the latest on health and medical breakthroughs.
The Pain-Free Zone
Host: Necie L. Edwards
Necie Edwards is founder of the Fibromyalgia Patient Education and Support Organization(FPESO). She is here to offer help and hope to the millions of individuals who suffer from this debilitating condition. Join her each week on THE PAIN FREE ZONE.


Ask Dr. Love
Host: Dr. Jamie Turndorf
Relationship expert Dr. Jamie Turndorf brings her popular Ask Dr. Love advice column to TalkZone to answer all your personal relationship questions! Join her each week for this must-listen show.
Becoming Thin Within
Host: Deborah Wright
BECOMING THIN WITHIN with Deborah J. Wright is Internet Radio's most unique, interesting, fun and entertaining Talk Radio Show about weight loss.
Break The Chains
Host: Gwen Carden
BREAK THE CHAINS with GWEN CARDEN is a compelling hour of information and inspiration for people and their loved ones who are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction.
Get Waisted With Rene'
Host: Rene' Steelman
RENE' STEELMAN, your host for GET WAISTED WITH RENE', interviews some of the great experts in the medical and food industries and discusses the benefits of eating a whole food plant based diet, each week on TalkZone.
Healing Conversations
Host: Camishe Nunley
On HEALING CONVERSATIONS with Camishe Nunley, it's all about healing! As Camishe says, what makes you vulnerable also makes you beautiful!
Healthy Talk Radio
Host: Deborah Ray
Healthy Talk Radio cuts through the spin to bring you news, information, and suggestions that can make a difference in your life. It's hosted by Deborah Ray, America's First Lady of Health, and Julian Whittaker, MD.
Heaven Sent And Bent
Host: Rene' Steelman
Sorrow does not make you unique, it makes you aware that you are common. What you do with that sorrow is what sets you apart. Share your strength on HEAVEN SENT AND BENT.
Let's Talk EI
Host: Hank Clemons, PhD
LET'S TALK EI is where we bring Emotional Intelligence to life. It's an open forum for discussion and dialog on everything EI. Everyone's invited!
Let's Talk Nutrition
Host: Dr. Michael Garko
Hosted by Michael Garko, Ph.D., Let's Talk Nutrition is an interactive health talk show that features health and nutrition experts who have extensive knowledge on complimentary, alternative and traditional medicine.
Mayo Clinic Q&A
Host: Tracy McCray,Dr. Tom Shives
From complex or serious conditions like cancer and heart disease to the latest news on research and wellness, Dr. Halena Gazelka asks the questions and gets easy-to-understand answers from Mayo Clinic experts.
Mayo Clinic Radio
Host: Dr. Tom Shives,Tracy McCray
MAYO CLINIC RADIO is the informative show featuring discussion of health and medicine.
Personal Development Radio Show
Host: Brady Cameron
Want to enjoy a better life? Interested in self improvement? Then don't miss THE PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT RADIO SHOW. Host Brady Cameron is a renowned martial arts expert, fitness trainer, and author.
Relationship Management
Host: Dr. Wayne Thompson
This is the show designed to address all facets of the relationships in your life, including your relationship with yourself. RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT is hosted by Dr. Wayne Thompson.
Relationship Straight Talk
Host: Mo,Mel
MO and MEL, hosts of RELATIONSHIP STRAIGHT TALK, want people to embrace loyalty and have healthier relationships. Join them each week here on TalkZone.
Stop And Think Radio
Host: Alexander Matulewicz,Tim Horton
Take a one hour mental health vitamin daily. Stop and Think Radio is news and public affairs, seen under an umbrella of recovery. Because we're all recovering from something.
The Business Of Medicine
Host: Sharon Hollander
THE BUSINESS OF MEDICINE with SHARON HOLLANDER reveals the behind-the-scenes secrets of healthcare. With the changing rules and regulations facing healthcare, you cannot afford to miss this informative show.
The Dr. Robbins Show
Host: Larry Robbins, MD
What is new this week in medicine? You'll find out on The DR. ROBBINS SHOW with Larry Robbins, M.D. His mission is to inform, entertain, and interpret controversies in health for listeners. And Dr. Robbins answers your emails on the air every week
The Path To A Better Future
Host: Jacqueline James-Friedman
Join marriage and family therapist JACQUELINE JAMES FRIEDMAN in seeking solutions to understand your challenges, and begin to walk THE PATH TO A BETTER FUTURE.
The Staying Young Radio Show
Host: Walter Gaman, MD,J. Mark Anderson, MD,Judy Gaman
THE STAYING YOUNG RADIO SHOW is a fast paced, weekly one-hour talk show that brings listeners new and exciting information about health, medical breakthroughs and longevity.