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When you're not looking for hard talk or information, TalkZone Entertainment is the place to be. Spoken word entertainment helped make broadcast radio a great medium...and that timeless tradition continues on the TalkZone Entertainment Channel.


The Conspiracy Show
Host: Richard Syrett
Scratch at knowledge and invariably a mystery lurks just beneath the surface. Each week,THE CONSPIRACY SHOW with Richard Syrett explores these mysteries in a fascinating two hour format.
When Radio Was!
Host: Greg Bell
WHEN RADIO WAS features digitally-restored episodes of classic old-time radio. This highly popular show is hosted by old-time radio expert Greg Bell. It's a fun, family-friendly show for listeners of every generation!


Baby Boomers Talk Radio
Host: Edward Torchy Smith
Hey Kids...What Time Is It. If you know what comes next, then you are a very good candidate to enjoy the interviews of famous Baby Boomers on BABY BOOMERS TALK RADIO with Edward Torchy Smith.
Cheaters Radio
Host: Joey Greco
CHEATERS RADIO is Real Reality Radio. Each episode presents actual true stories, documenting the pain of a spouse or lover caused by infidelity.
Chicago History And Automotive Heaven
Host: Richie Zie
Historian and Host RICHIE ZIE takes the mystery out of automotive history, each week on CHICAGO HISTORY AND AUTOMOTIVE HEAVEN.
Everything Old Is New Again
Host: Douglas Viviani,David Cohen
EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN is a unique radio program that juxtaposes yesterday's pop culture and entertainment with that of today.
Geek Speak Radio Show
Host: Henry,Romo
Henry & Romo are talking pop culture on the GEEK SPEAK RADIO SHOW! Hear the very latest on movies, TV, comic books and everything in the world of entertainment.
It's Beyond Complicated
Host: Anna Collins,Peter Fogel
It's Beyond Complicated! The Boomer Humor Radio Show with Peter Fogel and Anna Collins. Strategies that work, conversations that make you laugh.
Radio's Golden Age
Host: Steve Darnall
Host Steve Darnall brings you two hours of vintage old-time radio on RADIO'S GOLDEN AGE.
Sports And Torts
Host: David Spada,Elliott Harris
David Spada and Elliott Harris combine their talents and love of sports by interviewing former professional athletes and women in the sports world on SPORTS and TORTS
The Nic & Nan Radio Show
Host: Nic Allen,Nanci Allen
Nic & Nan keep it REAL. Their mission is to keep you informed with what’s going on in your world. And to present a forum for you to talk about topics that matter to you.
The Ultimate
Host: Rachell Montgomery
THE ULTIMATE is a program focusing on the latest national, international and local entertainment news in Movies, TV, Music and Beyond! This is the show that loves what you love and is not afraid to give it to you!
Tiff's Logic
Host: Tiffany Little
TIFF'S LOGIC with TIFFANY LITTLE is an hour long show to speak about the sexes. Each show covers situations that many of us come across in everyday life.
Up To The Minute With Nicole
Host: Nicole Steinthal
Explore the fascinating world of design and fashion each week, on UP TO THE MINUTE WITH NICOLE with your host,NICOLE STEINTHAL.