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The TalkZone Information Channel features talk shows that inform you! Learn something new every day and explore a world of solid advice, valuable how-to facts, and great information for lifetime success on the TalkZone Information Channel !


Host: Chris Witting
Each INFOTRAK show explores topics of interest to people everywhere, with expert guests and interviews.
The Car Stuff Podcast
Host: Tom Appel and Jill Ciminillo
THE CAR STUFF PODCAST is a smart and often irreverent take on new-car news and happenings in the automotive industry.


Cars, Trucks And Bucks
Host: Rick Popely
CARS, TRUCKS AND BUCKS with Rick Popely is the show that helps you save money on buying and owning a vehicle.
CEO Business Mind
Host: Joe Morabito
CEO BUSINESS MIND with JOE MORABITO is THE Show for Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and Professionals.
Chicago History And Automotive Heaven
Host: Richie Zie
Historian and Host RICHIE ZIE takes the mystery out of automotive history, each week on CHICAGO HISTORY AND AUTOMOTIVE HEAVEN.
Corporate Talk With Charlie And Eva
Host: Charlie Lobosco,Eva Lewandowski
The mission of CORPORATE TALK WITH CHARLIE AND EVA is simple; to make your job, career and workplace better. Join us every week and join the workplace improvement revolution!
Crime And Reason
Host: John Kelly,Leo Battenhausen
CRIME AND REASON: the backstory in high-profile crimes that television leaves out. Created and hosted by JOHN KELLY and LEO BATTENHAUSEN, who between them have over fifty years of experience with criminal and deviant behavior and the motivation behind these behaviors.
Current With Valerie Hayes
Host: Valerie Hayes
CURRENT with VALERIE HAYES is a no-nonsense current events show with facts and opinions. You'll find it to be both educational and entertaining.
Educviii With Dr. Jefferson
Host: Dr. Jonathan Jefferson
EDUCVIII with Dr. Jefferson is the talk show that makes the connections between research, policies, and practitioners that are too often missing from the American education system.
Flipping Houses With Coach Tony
Host: Tony Fiorenzi
COACH TONY is a Certified Life Coach & Mentor specializing in Real Estate acquisition and business development. Don't miss FLIPPING HOUSES WITH COACH TONY.
Get Involved, America!
Host: Vernon Grossman-Orr
Get Involved, America! is talk radio with a twist. It challenges your thinking. It gets you fired up. Its so compelling, you just wont be able to sit still anymore.
Green ROI
Host: Ken Howard
GREEN ROI with host Ken Howard is the show about GREEN Technology, Strategies and Lifestyle Investments providing sustainably higher Return on Investment (ROI).
Handwriting Secrets Revealed
Host: Dave Grayson
Handwriting Secrets Revealed discusses the many ways in which handwriting analysis is used. Host Dave Grayson interviews top handwriting analysts and forensic document examiners to get their insight and how they use handwriting analysis. Learn to discover personality traits hidden within handwriting!
Here's Theresa!
Host: Theresa E. Keves
HERE'S THERESA! with host Theresa E. Keves, is here to inspire and educate her listening audience with heart warming stories and informative conversations from a national and global perspective.
Ken The Contractor
Host: Ken Patterson
Ken Patterson is not only the host of a popular home improvement radio show -- he is also a Licensed Contractor who brings a wealth of experience to his show, KEN THE CONTRACTOR.
Let's Talk EI
Host: Hank Clemons, PhD
LET'S TALK EI is where we bring Emotional Intelligence to life. It's an open forum for discussion and dialog on everything EI. Everyone's invited!
Let's Talk Live NOW!
Host: Miss V on the Scene
Let's Talk Live | NOW! is a talk show that aims to speak to many areas of life that other shows might not cover. The idea is to demonstrate a commonality between us all.
Pageant Talk Radio
Host: Valerie_Hayes
Valerie Hayes is now on TalkZone! PAGEANT TALK RADIO is one hour of exciting conversation that will inform and inspire you as you prepare for your next pageant competition.
Percival's Place
Host: Percival Dyer
Percival's Place is the show about Women's Natural Products, The American Indian, Celebrity Green Initiatives, Kosher Products, Natural Medicine, Alternative Lifestyle Changes, Health and Related Products.
Retirement Spark!
Host: Dan Veto
RETIREMENT SPARK! with Dan Veto helps retirement professionals and their clients stay current on the key issues related to achieving personal fulfillment and security at age 50+.
T.Byrd Live
Host: Rick and Trina Byrd
T.BYRD LIVE is a business and technology talk show that offers you the latest topics, trends, education and discussion.
TalkZone Newsmaker Interviews
Host: Chris Witting
TALKZONE NEWSMAKERS are today's compelling authors, experts, entrepreneurs and visionaries. Don't miss a minute as we interview them here on TalkZone.
Tax Avoidance Is Legal
Host: Craig Smalley,Belsis Smalley
TAX AVOIDANCE IS LEGAL with CRAIG & BELSIS SMALLEY is a weekly live talk show regarding Tax and IRS related topics. The mission of the show is to make the topic of taxes fun and interesting, while providing great advice.
The Bob Woodson Show
Host: Robert L. Woodson, Sr.
Host Bob Woodson presents insights and solutions to some of Americas most troubling societal problems.
The Business Of Medicine
Host: Sharon Hollander
THE BUSINESS OF MEDICINE with SHARON HOLLANDER reveals the behind-the-scenes secrets of healthcare. With the changing rules and regulations facing healthcare, you cannot afford to miss this informative show.
The Hydn Rousseau Show
Host: Hydn Rousseau
THE HYDN ROUSSEAU SHOW Will Rewire Your Mind! Join Hydn Rousseau each week for inspiration to help you succeed in life.
The International View
Host: Fanta Kromah,Berenice Mulubah
THE INTERNATIONAL VIEW is a talk show hosted by FANTA KROMAH and co-hosted by BERENICE MULUBAH. The show is all about discussions of the positive and negative things affecting our world.
The Mike Bell Real Estate Show
Host: Mike Bell
The most important things having to do with buying or selling a home: strategies, pitfalls, and knowledge. Make sure your first or next experience isn't a headache or a ripoff.
The Staying Young Radio Show
Host: Walter Gaman, MD,J. Mark Anderson, MD,Judy Gaman
THE STAYING YOUNG RADIO SHOW is a fast paced, weekly one-hour talk show that brings listeners new and exciting information about health, medical breakthroughs and longevity.
The Urban Connection
Host: Leonard Birdsong
THE URBAN CONNECTION is the public affairs show hosted by LEONARD BIRDSONG, former law professor, former diplomat and former federal prosecutor, discussing important issues affecting the urban community.
Truth And Logic
Host: David Cross and DaRon Montgomery
TRUTH AND LOGIC with DARON MONTGOMERY, DAVID CROSS AND MICHELLE DANIELS is the weekly talk show that uses logic to explain the truth.
Voice Of Reason
Host: Danine Manette
Had enough of the excuse making, lack of accountability and psychobabble? Let Danine Manette VOICE OF REASON help you reconnect with your inner common sense!