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Host : Leonard Birdsong
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LEONARD BIRDSONG RADIO is a show hosted by a Law Professor, former diplomat and former federal prosecutor who loves to talk to you and others in an effort to both entertain and inform.

The show is a unique blend of humor, opinion, storytelling, and information. Leonard Birdsong will never provide you with fake news but he will always make you laugh out loud at his true news stories about dumb criminals and their shenanigans which he reports on each show. He also has some other, what he calls “news tidbits,” that will pop up throughout the show that you may find interesting and sometimes funny. He may drop a few “Yo Mama” jokes that people have sent him over the years, and, occasionally, he provides you his “words of wisdom” concerning life and leadership that you will like.

Leonard also hosts guests, many of whom with which he discusses law-related topics that many people would like to know about such as, what is an arrest, what are your rights under the fourth Amendment, how to buy a franchise business, will the death penalty be abolished in the United States, how to protect yourself against identity theft, and myths about the Constitution of the United States. He also talks to authors with whom he discusses such topics as why some people are so successful and others are not, how to bounce back from setbacks, how to never waste another day in a job you do not like, and other success and happiness topics.

You can email Leonard Birdsong at this address: lbirdsong22@gmail.com.
Recent Episodes
April 20, 2018
Family Role Reversal
Would you interrupt your career to care for a grandchild? That’s what Dr. Oliver Akamnonu and his wife did for their daughter, who was finishing medical school. He talks about the experience, which he also shared in his book Little Baby Lydia: Grandpa, Grandma, and Student Mom, Family Role Reversal and The New Times.

Birdsong will also give legal commentary & opinions on news of the past week concerning the Cohen FBI seized materials and the court hearing; the revelation that Sean Hannity is one of Cohen's legal clients; and shares his thoughts on Comey's book and Trump's tweets about the book.
April 13, 2018
Author Dr. Jeanne Sanner
Birdsong welcomes Dr. Jeanne Sanner , author of Finding Unconditional Love a Little "Peace" at a Time. She discusses her attempted suicide, what led to that point, and talks about the steps you must take to find everlasting peace and joy.

Plus, Birdsong discusses the President sending 4K National Guardsmen to our border with Mexico, and the surprising search warrants served onon Michael Cohen, the President's personal lawyer, and what that means for attorney client privilege.
April 06, 2018
The Secret to a Long and Happy Life
96-year-young Author Victoria Dabrowski Schmidt was in her early eighties when her friends began to ask her what her secret was. When she turned ninety- three, she decided to give them her answers and collect them in a book- Victoria's 95 Secrets: To A Happy, Healthy, Long Life. She shares some of those secrets with Birdsong.

Birdsong will also give commentary and opinions on the merits of the Parkland survivor students being smeared by conservative media, and how those students are fighting back.
March 30, 2018
Changes in Immigration
Birdsong is joined by David J. Bier, an immigration policy analyst at the Cato Institute in D.C. They will discuss changes in who and how people are entering the U.S. under the Trump administration. Then, Birdsong's take on current events, including the Children's March for Life this past weekend; Stormy Daniels on 60 minutes and the flux in President's legal team.
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