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Host : Lee Witting
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The International Association for Near-Death Studies presents NDE RADIO, a weekly exploration of near-death experiences and similar encounters with the other side, hosted by LEE WITTING.

The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS), the world’s pioneer organization in exploring what happens when the soul leaves the body, is now expanding it’s educational efforts through broadcasting with NDE RADIO.

Host LEE WITTING is himself a near-death experiencer with a doctor of ministry degree in NDE studies. NDE RADIO airs live every Monday at 11:00 AM Eastern here on TalkZone.

The show features first-hand stories of near-death and out-of-body experiences, interviews with guests who have experienced the other side, and with researchers of the NDE and other “mystical” phenomena. Shows will offer the chance for audience call-ins, and each show will be archived for listening at any time.

For further information about the work of IANDS, its remarkable history, publications, outreach activities, local chapters, conventions and the like, we invite you to check out our website at IANDS.ORG.

Upcoming Episodes
July 04, 2016
Stories from Out of My Tree
One of the benefits of being an IANDS member is a quartely newsletter called Vital Signs, which contains a column Lee writes called Out of My Tree. For the 4th of July Holiday, Lee will read from some of his recent columns, on the subject on NDE's and other things of interest.
Recent Episodes
June 27, 2016
The Mystic Revelations of Don Green
Don Green has experienced many personal mystical revelations through the practice of traditional Christianity. He grew up the oldest of seven children in a strict Irish Catholic family. After high school, he briefly entered the seminary only to find that really wasn’t what God wanted of him at that time. Shortly after he left the seminary, he received his draft notice, but choose to enter the Navy, to pursue a construction trade. He spent four years in the Navy, going to Viet Nam in 1967-68. He was married and running his own construction business when he became involved with the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement. In January 1979, he was involved in an automobile accident, which laid him up for almost a year. He lost his home and his business, but wound up reading many Christian books, particularly a lot of C. S. Lewis, which helped him regain his religious footing.
June 20, 2016
Group NDE
Host Lee Witting reflects on the tragic Orlando shootings and the nature of “Group NDEs” — reports of what happens between souls when we die together, how those souls perceive the situation at the time, and then what we learn when one of those killed is told to return.
June 13, 2016
Returning Guest Jason Criddle
Our returning guest is Jason Criddle, is a motivational speaker, prodigious writer, and successful businessman. He had already committed to losing weight and realizing his career potential when he suffered a heart attack and in the process, experienced an NDE.

In our second conversation, we will touch on a broad array of topics including mind control, PSTD, and why you need to set milestones for yourself.
June 06, 2016
Rev. Catherine Paretti
Rev. Catherine Paretti is a clairvoyant, spiritual counselor, healer, medium, teacher and life coach. Catherine's life was riddled with illness, and after being given six months to live, she had an NDE and was gone for five minutes. Upon her return she was healed, and even though she had been clairvoyant since the age of five, her gifts became more intense and Catherine discovered a healing ability, knowledge and wisdom that was to aid her work. During her NDE she saw herself being ordained. On August 12, 2000 this vision was fulfilled when Catherine was ordained as an Interfaith Minister.

Catherine has written two books, Just Be, and The Perfection of Being, which she was guided to write. Catherine was born in Astoria, Queens and now resides in Manhattan, New York. She believes that with faith all things are possible.
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