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Host : Walter Gaman, MD
Host : J. Mark Anderson, MD
Host : Judy Gaman
THE STAYING YOUNG RADIO SHOW will help you stay young and healthy, with the latest in medical and health news.

It's a fast paced, weekly one-hour talk show that brings you new and exciting information about health, medical breakthroughs and longevity. The show features nationally acclaimed guests such as Montel Williams, Suzanne Somers, Leeza Gibbons, Olympic gold medalist Shannon Miller, CSI: Miami TV star Eva LaRue, best-selling authors and scientists, and many more.

THE STAYING YOUNG RADIO SHOW is hosted by two renowned physicians: Drs. Walter Gaman and J. Mark Anderson, and a top health and wellness expert: Judy Gaman. They combine fun banter combined with fascinating facts and serious discussion.
Recent Episodes
August 15, 2015
Micro-nutrients with Mira and Jason Calton
The importance of micro-nutrients cannot be underestimated. To help us delve deeper into this topic we’ve brought in Mira and Jason Calton authors of the book The Micro-nutrient Miracle. For so long doctors thought that if the nutrients were in the blood and they were good, then you were good, but with research into the micro-nutrients, it has become apparent that some nutrients aren’t getting inside the cell as easily as others. This causes nutrient deficiencies on a cellular level and the specific nutrient deficiency can vary from person to person.
August 08, 2015
How Life Affects Your Health with Donna Nakazawa
This show is about how the body works as a whole. Because how our body works, when a person seeks treatment, the body as a whole must be considered rather than one small fraction of it. Our guest is Donna Nakazawa. She is the author of Childhood Disrupted: How Your Biography Becomes Your Biology, and How You Can Heal. Her book talks about how traumatic events during childhood can have an affect on our health.
August 01, 2015
Head Injuries
The brain is very delicate so when we suffer a head injury it can be so difficult to get your life back together. In this show we've invited Dr. Cagan Randall to join us. Dr. Randall is from Carrick Brain Centers and is dedicated to researching and helping veterans and civilians with head injuries.
July 25, 2015
How a Bad Relationship can Wreck Your Health
Being in a healthy relationship is a great way to stay positive and healthy. On the other hand, being in a bad relationship breeds negativity and is extremely unhealthy. On this show we are going to show what to look for in someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, and what flags to look for in someone to stay away from.
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