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Host : Douglas Viviani
Host : David Cohen

EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN is a unique radio program that juxtaposes yesterday's pop culture and entertainment with that of today.

It's not just a trip down memory lane! While hosts DOUG VIVIANI and DAVE COHEN enjoy revisiting the memories, they really get charged up comparing and contrasting the past to what's happening in pop culture right now.

EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN is America's Entertainment Pop Culture Talk Show! It's a show every one relates to -- because it's the Pop Culture we grew up with! Doug and Dave cover a world of topics: TV themes, 007 Villains, Comic Book Super Heroes, Disney Princesses, Star Trek, Saturday Cartoons, Top TV Sitcoms -- the list goes on and on!

Recent Episodes
June 17, 2017
George Anderson: What Happens When We Die
Psychic Medium George Anderson is back and we continue to learn more about life after death and how George's gift works.  What is it like when we leave Earth?  Tune in and find out one man's fascinating opinion.
June 10, 2017
Psychic Medium George Anderson
As we get older, we all experience death in some form or another.  The question of what happens when we die is as old as time itself. The Egyptians built pyramids to ensure life after death for their Pharoahs, and the Bible promises a new life after we die. Eons ago, humans even created cave drawings about it. Then there were the paintings about it during the Italian Renaissance, and more recently, volumes of literature and movies made, which seek to explore this universal topic.  Today we are excited to once again welcome a man who will be able to provide an answer to what happens after we die..psychic medium George Anderson.
June 04, 2017
Boy Wonder Burt Ward
The character of Batman is the epitome of what Everything Old is New Again is all about. The caped crusader gets reinvented for each generation. Currently, Ben Affleck wears the cape and cowl. But for kids growing up in the 60's and 70's, their dynamic duo were Adam West and our guest Burt Ward.

Burt joins us to discuss the lasting legacy of the iconic 1960's TV series Batman, and about the new animated film that will once again reunite the cast. Burt has also become a superhero in real life for our four legged friends, through his Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions organization. We'll hear about that as well!
May 28, 2017
Bernie Kopell Part Three
This week, we are happy to spend some more time with a special guest- Bernie Kopell . You know him from his ingenious characterization of Siegfried in Get Smart, and thereafter as Dr. Adam Bricker on all 250 episodes of the Love Boat, from 1976 to 1986. He has guest starred on TV and movies ever since, recently in Hawaii Five and Superstore. Truly Everything Old is New Again!
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