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Host : Lana Reid
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LANA REID’s new inspirational talk show DON'T BOX ME IN breaks from convention. Hosted by popular, award-winning author and public speaker Lana Reid, this uniquely inspirational/motivational show covers a variety of “outside the box” topics from Lana's own DISTINCTIVE perspective.

LANA REID converses with her audience and guests in an upbeat way, learning a few things, and having fun becoming better people with better lives – culminating into a core message that inspires ordinary people facing life’s challenges.

Having overcome her own personal tragedy at the age of 32 when she lost her beloved husband of 12 years, and thrust into single motherhood, Lana believes that people facing struggles can not only survive, but they can also thrive.

“Nothing wrong with being just a regular person, as long as you do it in an amazing kind of way,” Lana says, and her weekly show is home to these types of extra-ordinary perspectives: * A felon's struggle to get a job after release * A comic's rise from homelessness to fame * An activist making sweeping changes in her community * Younger men who like older women (cougars) * Save the three legged frog in the Mississippi river (!)
Recent Episodes
March 18, 2015
How My Family Survived Suicide
Carl David is a third generation Fine Art Dealer in a 4th generation family owned & operated Fine Art Gallery in Philadelphia. But at age 65, he is Aon another passionate career path as well. He has become a suicide prevention advocate.

His latest book, Bader Field; How My Family Survived Suicide (Nightengale Press) is the emotional story of his family's struggle to survive after his older brother at age 22 took his life.He was just 16 years old and the effects on him and his family were devastating beyond description. They had but two choices; to pull together or tear each other apart. They chose the former and used every bit of strength to rebuild their lives.
March 11, 2015
Meeting Your Other Self
Napoleon Hill wrote, "The turning point in the lives of those who succeed, usually comes at the moment of some crisis, through which they are introduced to their 'other selves'." In 1998, Rodney S. Jones' crisis came in the form of one phone call. HeI decided to voluntarily assume full legal custody of his two younger sisters. He was 22 years old and they were 12 & 15. Suddenly he had a choice: Stay in school and try to graduate, or leave and get a job to take care of his sisters. He decided to leave. and said hello to his "other self."

Rodney is now a captivating and engaging coach, consultant, speaker, and trainer who teaches emerging leaders how to transition into high performance executives with the right knowledge, skill sets and coaching. He understands how unexpected circumstances can affect organizations and individuals as well. His path both personally and professionally, has now become other people's compass.
March 04, 2015
Healing Words
Author Mary Ellen Ciganovich is no stranger to life’s uncertainties. She has prevailed over two major illnesses, an abusive childhood, and the difficulties of single parenthood to become a whole and dynamic person. She shares that hard-won knowledge in her extraordinary book, Healing Words: Life Lessons to Inspire.
February 25, 2015
Becoming Cyberwise
Do you know what your kids are doing online? A better question may be do you understand what your kids are doing online? Kids are much more tech-saavy than adults, so to get your kids prepared to handle the digital world, you will need to get a handle on it yourself first. Diana Graber and Cynthia Lieberman have created a resource called Cyberwise that can help. At Cyberwise, no grownup is left behind! They help parents and educators understand online safety, privacy, digital citizenship, and more. We'll learn all about their creation and the resources it provides on today's show.
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Lana is open to talking to regular folks about anything. Listen for each weekly episode of DON'T BOX ME IN, coming this Spring to TalkZone Internet Radio!