Tuesday • March 20
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What Happened?

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More of a suggestion
When our forefathers founded this country they knew that they needed a set of laws to protect the citizenry from the overbearing power of a central government. They frame these laws in a document we now call the Constitution of the United States of America. The presidential oath of office requires the president to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States to the best of his ability. However Pres. Barack Obama repeatedly violates the Constitution in furtherance of his ambition. How can we let this continue?

Who Is That Man?
Since the announcement of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s vice-presidential candidate there has been a lot of speculation about Paul Ryan and his fitness to be Vice President. There are those who believe that he is the devil incarnate. There are others believe that he is the only hope we have if we are to return our country to the image created by our founding fathers. Today, we will meet the man and discover which is true.

Look Out Below
We are all heading for what has come to be known as the ‘fiscal cliff’ if congress fails to act before the end of the year. These are major economic issues that if left unchecked will significantly damage any possibility of any economic recovery and lead us back into recession. Yet, in spite of doing almost nothing we ask them to do, they take five weeks off and couldn’t even agree on a vote as to whether or not they should leave. Enough bickering. Enough delay. Americans, should we fire the lot of them?

Who Can You Trust?
We are constantly bombarded with candidates’ bloviating about one evil or another committed by their opponents. It seems we are constantly being torn apart by one special group or another interested in furthering their own agenda. In a time when we need to come together to confront our national crisis, where do we go to find the truth?

It Staggers the Mind
It staggers the mind to think how a tragedy like the one we saw in Colorado last week could happen. And what is equally stunning is how quickly the political pundits twist this human calamity into a vehicle to strip away yet more of the freedoms guaranteed us by the Constitution. As we grieve for the families of the lost, we must not let our anger distract us from the truth.

A Balance of Power
The recent ruling by the Supreme Court regarding Obamacare has done far more damage than most of us expect. It's not the particulars of Obamacare that are important. Bad laws get struck down eventually. The real enemy is the power suddenly given to the Federal Government by the Supreme Court. For the first time in our history, the Fed has the power to tax anything for any reason they wish. And they will...

A Law Too Far
A victory it seems for liberty this week. Arizona receives approval from the Supreme Court to protect itself from invasion by illegal immigrants. But with the Arizona's legal victory in its case against the Federal government it seems there is a new enemy: the White House. Never before have we seen the Federal government alienate and attack our breatheren as they are now. We are the only one's who can stop this new attack.

Give A Mouse A Cookie
He's gonna want a glass of milk. We've all heard this saying. And that's what's happening all across Europe. To many people are endulging in entitlements and the governments are collapsing under the weight of public handouts. And make no mistake, the same thing is happening here and we have to stop it before we are crushed by debt and an idle society.

Hole in the Boat
Our elected officials in Washington each take an oath to defend our constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Yet, in their unbridled hunger for re-election they seem eager do quite to opposite. Sensitive information has been leaked by the White House that has put our allies at risk and threatens to endanger our servicemen and citizens at home and abroad, all in the name of keeping the power we have generously given them. Its time to plug the leaks and restore the trust that has been lost.

And Justice for Some
The statue of lady Justice stands proud with a scale in one hand a sword in the other and a blindfold across her eyes. She promises equal treatment under the law for all citizens in this country. But today her blindfold is being lifted in favor of those who agree with the government's current policies for better or worse. From rampant favoritism within our Justice department to partisan politics in our court system and unabashed lobbying of our lawmakers the American legal system is on the brink of catastrophe. And its up to us to fix it.

Mail Call
Tom's local post office may close down, and yours might too. But do you know what is bankrupting the post office. The Senate will soon vote on the Laws at Sea Treaty. We tell you what it is and why you should be concerned. Also, taxing the rich, and shutting down the pundits.

Changing the Narrative
We have some really serious issues facing us today. We have an economy that's being shredded by Washington spending. Our Constitution is under assault by those who were elected to safe guard the principles for which it stands. And big government seeks to control our lives with ever increasing regulation. And each time we get close to the truth about capital hill. They change the narrative to distract us. On today's show we will examine this pattern of deceit Washington uses to distract the American people.