Monday • March 19
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Sunshine or Sundown for Newt
The Florida Primary is here. Does Newt Gingrich have a chance after the concentrated effort by the Republican establishment to destroy him? Then - Jan Brewer gives the chosen one the finger, and is Obama a false prophet?

Newt's Knockout
Marty reacts to Newt's knock out punch of the liberal mainstream media, politician's extramarital affairs and the liberal media hypocrisy. Plus, Romney's tax release debacle, and Socialism 101. AKA Obama's State of the Union address.

The Battle Lines are Drawn in South Carolina
Marty looks at what's happening in South Carolina ahead of this weekend's primary. Plus news and notes, including liberal attacks on pro life, and Senator Mrs. Chosen One

On to New Hampshire
The New Hampshire primary is here, and the question isn't who's going to win, but how much will Romney win by. Then - Newt doesn't seem to notice the hypocracy of some of his attacks, the 2nd amendment in action, and why we shouldn't expect another Carter v Reagan in 2012

Round One
Finally, the Iowa Caucus is here. But what happens next? Then - earmarks raise their ugly head, and the Chosen One's 4 million dollar vacation is over.

All Eyes on Iowa
On today's show - We're watchin you Iowa, Newt flip flops again, and Ron Paul will just not go away. Plus, other news and notes from the campaign trail and beyond.

Falling Newt
The way Newt has been falling in the polls, he may need a parachute. Plus, the Ron Paul phenomenon and why an independent candidate will ensure four more years of Obama.

Debate Aftermath
The debates were supposed to help voters choose a suitable Republican candidate. But all they''ve done is actually hurt the republican field. Then, why liberals know Newt is a train wreck in the making and what a second obama term would look like.

The Cain Scrutiny
Another week, another mainstream media scandal involving Herman Cain. Why is the former front runner under such scrutiny by the media? Then, a look at the race for the Republican nomination, and the search for Reagan continues.

Remaining Newt-tral
Newt Gingrich is surging in the polls, but Marty believes this is not a good thing for the GOP. He will also preview the Republican debate on National Security and the absolute failure of the Supercommittee on the deficit.

Riding the Rollercoaster
Marty looks at the up and down nature of the Republican Presidential field, where every candidate seems to be taking a turn at the top of the polls. Then can any republican candidate compete with Obama and the mainstream media?

The Only State in the Union
The last time we checked, America has 50 states. So why is it that three states are allowed to determine our Presidential nominee. Plus, the Iowa debate and straw poll, Rick Perry officially joins the Presidential race, and is NBC in a war against God?

Let's Make a Deal
A deal on the debt ceiling has been reached in Washington, but who came out the winner: the Democrats, the Tea Party or the American people? Then - with all of America's problems, why is Congress taking a five week break. And what exactly does Obama stand for?

The Blame Game
There is a lot of finger pointing going on over the debt ceiling, and most of it is by the White House. And the media is helping him do it. Then - how the left wing media is using the Norway Crisis to attack Christianity.

The Choice Between Feeding or Starving the Beast
The battle lines are drawn in Washington: do we keep feeding the Government beast, or do we put it on a sensible diet through the Balanced Budget amendment? Also, where things stand with the debt ceiling.

Exposing Media Bias
On his debut episode, Marty looks at the liberal media bias toward republicans. We'll also discuss Obama's failed economic policies., the debt ceiling debates and the 2012 presidential race.

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