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March 16, 2018
The Psychology Behind Mass Murder
America is reeling from yet another mass shooting. In the wake of the tragedy, we look at the psychology of a person who's driven to this specific act, and why doctors can't diagnose who is capable of such an act until it is too late, with Dr. Frank Farley, an internationally recognized authority in psychology and human behavior. Then, a legal examination of what happened inside the Trump administration this week, including the Stormy Daniels saga, the firing of Rex Tillerson and a possible meeting with North Korea.
March 09, 2018
The Consequences of Ignoring the Grand Jury
Earlier this week, Sam Nunberg, an early Trump advisor was subpoenaed by special counselor Mueller to testify at the D.C. Grand Jury. Mr. Nunberg had a meltdown on national TV and vowed that he would not honor the subpoena and would not testify to the grand Birdsong knows the the D.C. Grand Jury system from professional experience, and will discuss the jeopardy he would probably face if he refuses to appear.

Then- what is an "Einstein Visa," and how did the First Lady acquire one?
March 02, 2018
Tax Tips for 2018
Birdsong is joined by Martha O'Gorman, a tax specialist who will tell the listeners who to avoid overpaying on their taxes and other tax tips under the new tax laws. Then- the fall-out after the Parkland shooting such as #BoycottNRA. And you've heard the term "chain migration" and how the President wants to end it, but do you know what it actually is, and where the term originated? You don't want to miss the answer!
February 23, 2018
School Shootings and The Grieving Process
Leonard's guest is Lisa Dinhofer who is a certified Thanatologist, trained grief counselor and communication expert. We will discuss the tragedy at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida, the trauma that the survivors are going through, and how they can begin the healing process. Leonard will also address Robert Mueller's indictment of 13 Russians and three entities charged with violating U.S. laws through operations aimed at supporting the Trump campaign.
February 16, 2018
A Primer on Korea
Leonard is joined by Professor Samuel KanA Barry Law School professor and a former U.S, Army Lt. Colonial who has been stationed in Korea twice. They will discuss whether there will be war with Korea, and share some of their knowledge on both North and south Korea.
September 07, 2017
The Real Mona Lisa
On today's program, Professor Birdsong will share some facts about the Mona Lisa that will surely put a smile on your face. He will also talk about the repeal of DACA and what that will mean for the Dreamers. Plus, some facts about Hurricane Irma, the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic.
August 31, 2017
Inventions that Shaped the Economy
Inspired by author Tim Hartford's latest book, Leonard will discuss some of the inventions that help shape the economy to what it is today. You'll be interested in hearing why barbed wire and TV dinners made the list!
August 24, 2017
Eclipse Myths
America has gong eclipse crazy this week due to the uncommon total eclipse of the sun we got to witness first hand. And going crazy over the eclipse is not a new thing. Leonard will share some myths and historical facts about the eclipse that you will need to hear to believe.
August 17, 2017
Trying to Make Sense of Charlottesville
Emotions are still running high after a white supremacist protest over the removal of a Civil War statue turned deadly over the weekend. Professor Birdsong brings an interesting perspective to this conversation, having dealt with actual Nazis after the war. He will also share a brief history of what happened to the Nazis after the war to maybe discourage those who are considering carrying torches.
August 10, 2017
The Grand Jury
Robert Mueller, the special counsel in the Russia probe, has impanelled a grand jury as part of his investigation into the Russian interference in the Presidential election. Our own Professor Birdsong has spent time in the Washington DC court system, and will explain what this means, and what the Grand Jury is supposed to do.
August 03, 2017
White House Happenings
Leonard recaps a wild week at the White House in Washington DC. Comings, goings, controversial new policies and more. Plus- why Twitter is losing US users.
July 27, 2017
The Power of the Presidential Pardon
With all the talk of collusion and some whispers of impeachment in Washington DC, it is possible that the President could be facing some huge legal hurdles in the future. We all know the President has the power to pardon, but how far does that power go? Does he have the power to pardon family members, or even himself? Professor Birdsong explores the possibilities, as he explains the Presidential pardon in great detail.
July 20, 2017
What You Should Know about Intellectual Property
Leonard offers his analysis of Caitlyn Jenner's plan to run for a U.S. Senate seat in California, plus a conversation on the basics of intellectual property, with Professor Glen-Peter Ahlers, a Barry Law professor and an expert on patents, trademarks and more!
July 13, 2017
Russia- The Plot Thickens
Professor Birdsong examines the legal ramifications of Donald Trump Jr's interactions with the Russians during his father's campaign. No partisanship here, just legal analysis. Plus, the White House is proposing that Homeland Security should take over the visa program. Is that a good idea? And can they even do that?
July 06, 2017
Our National Anthem
In tribute to the Fourth of July and America's Independence, Professor Birdsong will share some facts about Francis Scott Key, and the writing of our National Anthem. Plus, an interesting look at what celebrities, and some average joes are making in annual salary.
June 29, 2017
The Travel Ban
The Supreme Court gave the Trump administration a lift this week, when they agreed to hear arguments on his travel ban. Professor Birdsong will explain the ruling in laymen's terms so you can better understand what happened, and what it's impact will be moving forward.
June 22, 2017
The Special Assistance Network
Our special guest on this episode is Jeffrey Seward, Esq.. Jeffrey is a lawyer who has created a non profit organization called the Special Assistance Network. The goal of the organization is to connect the community of special needs people and families, and those with physical and neurological development challenges, with resources to assist them and their families to improve their quality of life and connect them with others who care and wan to help.

Professor Birdsong will also share some more of his popular dumb criminal stories, and share the origins of Perry Mason.
June 15, 2017
Obstruction of Justice
America could be on the verge of a Constitutional Crisis. President Trump is allegedly being investigated for obstruction of justice in the Russia hacking probe. Professor Birdsong explains what that means, and also compares and contrasts with Presidential misdeeds of the past.
April 20, 2017
Bankruptcy Basics
This week's guest is Professor Linda Coco, a bankruptcy expert, and we will talk about some bankruptcy basics, how it works, who should use it and does it really give you a clean slate?
April 13, 2017
Canterbury Tales and Common Law
Our guest this week is Professor Fred Jonassen of Barry University. Professor Jonassen has a law degree and a Ph. D. in in the literature of Middle Ages. We will talk about the Canterbury Tales A book written by Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th Century. This was a busy period for formation of the Common Law much of which has been used by our modern day American law.
April 06, 2017
The word immunity has been in the news as of late, thanks to Donald Trump and Michael Flynn. But do you know what the law of immunity from prosecution actually is? Professor Birdsong is here to explain!
March 30, 2017
Identity Theft Secrets
Our guest Dale Penn is an author, professional speaker, insurance broker, and privacy management adviser. After encountering, enduring and resolving his own identity theft nightmare, he decided to compile, organize and share the ideas, strategies, tips, and resources that he discovered along the way. The result was his book Identity Theft Secrets. As a former professional magician who knows something about the psychology of misdirection, it frustrated him to no end that a clever thief could essentially beat him at his own game. His personal identity theft ordeal opened the door to the devious world of the modern identity thieves.

Identity Theft Secrets! is a collection of anecdotes, tools and insights that are designed to educate, equip and empower readers to protect themselves, their loved-ones and their businesses from the growing world-wide threat of identity theft.
March 23, 2017
Digging Your Way out of Credit Card Debt
Do you have a love/hate relationship with your credit cards? As in, you love to use them but hate it when you get that monthly bill? Leonard's guest is Howard S. Dvorkin, one of the most successful individual debt management and credit counseling advisors in the country. He will talk about credit cards and how to dig your way out of credit card debt.
March 16, 2017
Speak Don't Freak
When you have to speak, do you freak? Our guest Priscillla Richardson, MA, JD, has written a book that can help you communicat more successfully. It's called Speak, Don't Freak. With this book, it only takes few minutes to master some tricks so you can put freak behind you, and get the confidence to speak to any audience, any time.
March 09, 2017
A Historical Perspective of Immigration
Aside from our popular Dumb Criminal News, today Leonard will be talking about Ellis Island from a historical perspective on immigration.Then in the second half hour, Leonard will tell the listeners all about gaining asylum in the U.S.
March 02, 2017
The Death Penalty Revisited
Leonard welcomes retired Judge O.H. Eaton to discuss the death penalty and its place in our legal system. Judge Eaton teaches judges around the country about managing death penalty trials.
February 23, 2017
What You Need to Know About Being Arrested
If you were to get arrested, do you know what to do? What you should say? How you should act? It's a scary thing to think about, but its something you should be prepared for just in case. Leonard welcomes Retired Law School Professor Robert Whorf, who is an expert in Constitutional Law, Criminal Procedure & Trial Advocacy. They will discuss what it means to be arrested and what are one's constitutional rights.

Then, for a lighter look at the law, we welcome Edward Meyer, VP of Exhibits and Archives for the Ripley's Believe it or Not! Museum in Orlando, Florida. For over 38 years he has traveled the world collecting unusual stories and unbelievable artifacts for the museum. He & Leonard will chat about some of the stranger legal matters he has come across in his work for the museum.
February 16, 2017
Secrets of Success
This week's guest is Steve Klein, and the topics are motivation and leadership. Why are people like Richard Branson, Warren Buffett, and Michael Bloomberg so successful while other people who are just as smart, aren't? What do they possess that others don't? We'll see if we can find the answer!
February 09, 2017
Views on the Death Penalty
On this week's episode, Professor Birdsong shares his views on the death penalty in the United States: is it still necessary and under which circumstances? We'll share some facts and figures you may not have known about execution. Plus- fact checking the President could be a full time job.
February 02, 2017
Author Catana Tully
Leonard welcomes author Catana Tully. In her dramatic and beautifully written memoir Split at the Root, she explores questions of race, adoption and identity, not as the professor of cultural studies that she became, but as the Black child of German settlers in Guatemala.
January 26, 2017
Starting A Franchise
If you've every considered opening a franchise, you won't want to miss this episode. Leonard welcomes Attorney Marvin Rooks, who has had an extensive practice advising franchise clients and preparing legal documentation necessary to implement state and national franchise programs.

Then, the NRA is attempting to push Congress to make gun silencers easier to acquire by the public. Leonard explains why that is a bad idea.