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December 05, 2017

The Hallmark Playhouse
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On today's show, we'll hear part 2 of a Father Knows Best Christmas episode from 1950. And we'll get a modern retelling of the Nativity, or at least what passed for modern in 1948 on Hallmark Playhouse.
Episode Segments:
Father Knows Best: Hans Christian Anderson Family Christmas - Part 2
Robert Young stars as insurance salesman Jim Anderson, the ultimate sitcom dad. He and his wife, Margaret (Jean Vander Pyl), raise one of the best-known and most beloved families in radio history.The chaos created by their three children kept them on their toes, and kept audiences laughing, for four years on radio and for another nine years on television. Join the family and laugh along with the teenage troubles and tomfoolery of the boy-crazy Betty (Rhoda Williams) and the impetuous Bud (Ted Donaldson). Of course, Kathy (Norma Jean Nillson), the baby of the Anderson family, causes her share of mischief as well. Like the real-life dads listening at home, Mr. Anderson tried his best, did what he thought was best, and hoped for the best results. This one is from December 21 1950
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Hallmark Playhouse: The Desert Shall Rejoice
Hallmark Playhouse first aired in 1948, and was hosted by distinguished author & writer James Hilton. Hallmark, meaning Hallmark Greeting Cards, was serious about producing radio drama at the highest level. And they certainly delivered! Using scripts or stories that were for the most part already known to the public, they got the best actors and writers, and used the highest production values to produce this series. This example is from December 16 1948
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